DMC Journalism students win awards cross competitions

Journalism students who take Data and Media Communication (DMC) Concentration are enthusiastic about participating in different competitions to enrich their experience. More than 10 students have received awards since the introduction of DMC in 2018.

Kwok Hiu-ching, Lin Zhihuai and Wong Ting-yan (2017 Cohort) were the winners of the Student Writing (English) category in the 2020 Human Rights Press Awards. The winning piece was a data-driven news story titled “Gender-based violence against journalists in Hong Kong”.

Wang Ziwei (2016 Cohort) won the championship and the Wisers AI Innovation Award with her team comprising of students from other local universities in the 2019 HKBU Data and Media Hack, which was a 48-hour non-stop competition jointly organized by the Department of Journalism and the Department of Computer Science.

Our DMC journalism students are also eager to join competitions outside Hong Kong. Yu Bangning, Zhao Shuang, Gu Lin, Lung Ka-ho, Wang Yutong, Li Chen and Lyu Chenyu (2016 Cohort) worked with an International Journalism Concentration student to produce the data news "Hong Kong Budget Plan 2019-2020". Their work won the championship and the Best Data Journalism Innovation Award in the 4th China Data Journalism Competition which was organized by Xi’an Jiaotong University in 2019.