Concentration Structure

Curriculum Structure

Bridging Courses (6 units)

Course TitleOffering DepartmentUnits
For Computer Science Students
JOUR2085 English News Reporting and WritingJOUR3
JOUR2107 Introduction to Journalism and CommunicationJOUR3
For Journalism Students
COMP1007 Introduction to Python and Its ApplicationsCOMP3
COMP2865 Fundamentals of Data Analysis and ManagementCOMP3

Core Courses (12 units)

Course TitleOffering DepartmentUnits
COMP3115 Exploratory Data Analysis and VisualizationCOMP3
COMP3925 Data Analysis StudioCOMP1
JOUR3155 Investigative Reporting for Data and Media CommunicationJOUR2
JOUR4046 Integrated Data-driven StorytellingJOUR3
For Computer Science Students
COMP4908 Data Media Project ICOMP3
For Journalism Students
JOUR4855 Honours Project in Data and Media CommunicationJOUR3

Elective Courses

Course TitleOffering DepartmentUnits
3 Units for Computer Science Students
6 Units for Journalism Students (General Stream) ^
0 Units for Journalism Students (Financial Journalism Stream) ^
COMP3057 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Machine LearningCOMP3
COMP4015 Artificial Intelligence and Machine LearningCOMP3
COMP4027 Data Mining and Knowledge DiscoveryCOMP3
COMP4045 Human-Computer InteractionCOMP3
COMP4075 Social Computing and Web IntelligenceCOMP3
COMP4125 Visual AnalyticsCOMP3
COMP4136 Natural Language ProcessingCOMP3
COMP4909 Data Media Project II (for Computer Science students)COMP3
COMP7930 Big Data AnalyticsCOMP3
JOUR3285 Financial Data and Market Sentiment Analysis (A Bloomberg Experiential Learning Partner course)JOUR3
JOUR3287 Social Media Content ManagementJOUR3
JOUR3095 Business and Financial News Reporting in EnglishJOUR3
JOUR4005 Theory and Practice of Journalism in Greater ChinaJOUR3
JOUR4017 China Reporting and WritingJOUR3
JOUR4056 Media ManagementJOUR3
PRAO4087 Algorithm and CommunicationCOMS3
Any course approved by the Department of Computer Science and Department of Journalism.

^ Applicable to Journalism students who are admitted to Year 1 from 2022/23 onwards

Stream Required Courses (For Journalism Students only) ^

Course TitleOffering DepartmentUnits
For Financial Journalism Stream (13 Units)
JOUR3095 Business and Financial News Reporting in EnglishJOUR3
JOUR3165 Unlocking FinanceJOUR3
JOUR3266 Journalism Practicum I (Finance)JOUR2
JOUR3267 Journalism Practicum II (Finance)JOUR2
JOUR4065 Strategic Investments and Contemporary EconomicsJOUR3
JOUR4067 Data and Media Communication InternshipJOUR0
For General Stream (7 Units)
JOUR3177 Advanced News and Feature Writing (English)JOUR3
JOUR3255 Journalism Practicum I (English)JOUR2
JOUR3256 Journalism Practicum II (English)JOUR2

^ Applicable to Journalism students who are admitted to Year 1 from 2022/23 onwards

Possible Career Prospects

News Organization

News and Media Organizations

Top news organizations – to name a few, The New York Times, BBC, Bloomberg, The Guardian, and The Times – have shown great interest in recruiting graduates with interdisciplinary knowledge and skills to meet the fast developing media landscape.

Digital Marketers/ Data Consultants

Digital Marketers/ Data Consultants

Besides joining news organizations, graduates can also work for public relations corporations, the marketing sector and other organizations such as Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), to perform data-driven storytelling. Another career path is governmental and administrative positions, with graduates standing out for their interdisciplinary skills in writing and programming.

Web Designer

Web Designer

Online editor/manager of information technology at news organizations, web designers for news sites, data consultants, digital marketers, interaction designers, media business analysts and innovation specialists.