Journalism Department offers two experiential learning courses for DMC students as concentration elective

In the academic year 2019-2020, the Department of Journalism launched a pilot campaign with Google in the new elective course ‘Social Media Content Management’. Our student teams matched with five local artists to evaluate their YouTube channel performance, to understand the target audiences, and developed a 3-month comprehensive strategy planning together. This experiential learning course not only let our students practise their digital skills, but also made a real impact for the artists and the YouTube ecosystem.

We also developed another experiential learning course titled ‘Financial Data and Market Sentiment Analysis’. Students can learn how to obtain and interpret financial data in preparation for a career in financial journalism. Through case studies and projects, students master basic investigative tools and techniques to analyse financial market performance. This new elective is a Bloomberg Experiential Learning Partner (ELP) course, and will be taught by experienced practitioners from the industry. Students are required to pass the Bloomberg Market Concepts, a certificated and self-paced online module that integrates financial knowledge and data analytics.